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Retirement Boom™ is about determining how to access your retirement savings and create a guaranteed income stream that will last the rest of your life. Think of it as a personalized strategy that involves spending down your savings in ways that are designed to generate the guaranteed income you need to live out your retirement years ─ the longest vacation of your life.

Upon completion of reading Retirement Boom™, you should have the knowledge necessary to engage in planning your retirement income strategy giving you a road map and peace of mind needed to live a financially secure retirement.

Part One of Retirement Boom™ outlines specific action steps about Planning Your Retirement Income. Part Two describes Withdrawing from Your Retirement Savings creating a sustainable income that you cannot outlive. Part Three explores the Key Retirement Income Risks and how to manage these risks.

You will be challenged by this book to break away from old ways of thinking and negative thoughts that hold back many from achieving their ultimate goal, living a financially secure retirement. Let’s get started….it’s time to begin planning the longest vacation of your life!

About the Author

Jeff Carter is a husband, a father, a brother, a son and a friend who is eternally grateful for all his blessings.

For 25 years, Jeff has helped pre-retirees and retirees navigate the roller-coaster of Stock Market ups and downs. His Clients include retirees of IBM, GM, AT&T, GE, Honeywell, and Century Link just to mention a few.

Whether it’s managing their nest egg or ensuring a guaranteed retirement income, Jeff’s passion for helping others comes down to one simple statement: “I shall, in light of all conditions surrounding those I serve, make every conscientious effort to ascertain and understand, render that service which, in the same circumstances I would render for myself.”

Jeff a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) is trained to structure effective retirement income plans, mitigate risks to the plan, and create a sustainable stream of income to last throughout retirement. But whether he’s teeing it up on the golf course, preparing for his next trip, or simply spending time in his garden, Jeff’s primary focus is always on how to best serve his clients.

To learn more about the book Retirement Boom™ call toll (888) 252-7941. Jeff is available to discuss with you one-on-one his schedule for television and radio interviews. He would also be thrilled to share his book with your group or organization as a guest speaker.


“I have known Jeff for over 10 years. Jeff is honest and of the highest integrity and reputation. He has helped me increase my portfolio by making safe and reliable choices during these tough economic times. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a trustworthy advisor. Thank you so much Jeff!” -Rose K.

“During our 20+ year relationship with Jeff we have experienced firsthand his professionalism. We have been very satisfied and thank you for your attentive nature. You are honest and straight to the point and have served our family well.” -Dawn C.

“Jeff had presented a program to my elderly parents to replace several annuities that would have cost me (and brother) taxes, and had them buy a last to die type of life insurance policy with the proceeds of the annuities once annuitized paying the premiums due. I thought they were too old to get any insurance and was so sure this wasn’t right that I flew from Chicago to Mesa to see for myself. Jeff had a very professional presentation. IT WORKED! Parents recently passed away and we were able receive, as heirs, considerably more than the annuities would have ever provided, and it was tax free. Jeff knows his stuff and I would recommend him to anyone needing retirement financial planning. He can create a plan that works so well for his clients and their needs rather than being just concerned with selling insurance for a commission. He does a MARVELOUS job!” -Len M.

“Jeff is one sharp guy, he not only explained why, but also how he would handle the complexities of my retirement situation. I always felt that he had my best interest at heart. He comes highly respected and recommended from me and clearly many others. Don’t leave things to chance. Make him part of your planning for retirement.” -Skip H.

““I first met Jeff after retiring from Farmers Insurance and needed help rolling over my 401(k) on short notice. Jeff explained to me my options and handled all of the details to make the experience as painless as possible. Jeff also has assisted my parents with tax & estate planning matters over the years. His professionalism along with his positive attitude has been a pleasurable experience! I have recommended Jeff to my best friends!” -Suzanne C.

Giving Back

Retirement Boom ™ – 50% of all book sales proceeds will be donated to Crossroads a non-profit 501 C-3 Charitable Organization Established in 1960, Crossroads provides transitional living programs for recovering adults who express a willingness and desire to learn a new way of life. Utilizing the basic tools of a twelve-step recovery program, group bonding and support of the many members of Crossroads family (an estimated 4,000 attend meetings each week), residents develop the skills and self-esteem to transition back into society as productive, respectable individuals. Crossroads has evolved a powerful, non-medical recovery discipline that significantly increases a person’s chances of recovery.

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